We're having a...

So, to keep the large foot print of friends and family around the world together, I made an app: the Baby Namer 1800

Here you can:

I'm hoping to stay connected, so don't hesitate to sign up and make a suggestion.

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Michelle Ona-Diaz
Come on, Peeps!!! Sooo excited!!!

Img 3211

Ryan Lamore
Wow, lots of Onaish names: http://www.babynamespedia.com/end/f/ona/4

Photo on 4 25 16 at 11.38 am  2

Hey Wai, tap/click the logo. :)

Img 20170108 wa0009

Hi jas how do u go back to the list of names suggested by ppl?

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She doesn't have to be a gatherer!

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Welcome family!!!